This weak, 03/08/11

NPCs Oishii returns

Shops Pancake Day Shop returns

Items Pancake Hat 11 Pancake Hat W/ Butter 11 Pancake Hat W/ Syrup 11 The Full Stack 11 - Pink Chinchilla W/ Syrup Oolong 11


Locations Void Cave Void Ruins Void Temple Void Temple Exterior

Monsters Void Bear Void Ghast Void Giant

NPCs Nythera updated Nythera and Ryuuji

Quests Nythera's Quests updated

Shops Nythera's Wedding Shop

Items Formal Mage Robes Formal Void Warrior Ryuuji - Dainty Party Wings Nythera's Wings Violet Eternal Flame Void Parasite Wings - Formal Mage Cowl Formal Void Helm - Daggers of Dragonkin Dual Voidtebrae Great Void Vertebrae Half-Dragon Berry Mug Half-Dragon's Havoc Lurid Blade of the Void Nythera's Ultimate Scythe Nythera's Wedding Glave Primordial Edge Swarthy Skean The Corporation TwinDragons of Destiny Void Bouquet Winged Jewel of the Dragon - Void Bear Cub